Discover some of the best camps in our nation located in Indiana. With 6 locations, a site ready to serve you is just a short drive from Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville, and everywhere in between.

Perfect for summer camps, youth or adult retreats, business meetings, training events, and so much more. Our team would love to help you make your next event a huge success.

Camp Adventure

Camp Adventure is located in the northern region of Indiana halfway between South Bend, and Ft. Wayne.

Cabins, Dorms, Adventure Elements, Backwater Lake,
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Epworth Forest Conference Center

Epworth Forest Conference Center is located in the northern region of Indiana halfway between South Bend and Ft. Wayne.

Lodges, Private Rooms, Webster Lake
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Camp Indicoso

Camp Indicoso is located in north central Lawrence County, Indiana between Bedford and Bloomington.

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Camp Lakewood

Camp Lakewood is located in northern Indiana about 45 minutes north of Ft. Wayne.

Cabins, Adventure Elements, Lake of the Woods,
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Pine Creek Camp

Pine Creek Camp is located in the west central region of Indiana about 30 minutes west of Lafayette.

Cabins, Adventure Elements, Pine Creek
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Camp Rivervale

Camp Rivervale is located in southern Indiana near Spring Mill State Park in Mitchell, IN.

Cabins, Private Rooms, Lodges, White River
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Camp Moneto

Camp Moneto is located in southern Indiana near Brown County State Park in Nashville, IN.

Cabins, Private Rooms, Lodges
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Utilize the full resources of our camps for multiple day events and create your own summer or seasonal camp.
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Pick and choose the specific details of your weekday or weekend overnight retreat, meeting, or event.
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Our camps can assist with your lodging and provie you great oportunities for service projects.
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Use our facilities as a place for one day outings for large group picnic or a small sized fun activity day.
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Special oppportunities for you.
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Let our staff make planning a snap.
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